At the beginning of 2019 the Principals took off their musical journey, at the Honig rehearsal facility in Nijmegen. The Principals are 5 Nijmegen based gentlemen, all over 40, with fresh midlife energy and flaming musical inspiration.

All principals have played in other bands before (LeePrezzLee, Kwikzilver, Mojo Pin, La Tía, Simplifires en Easy Tiger). Now, after a period in life with less priority for music, but armed with instruments, experience, friendship and the love for making music, a new repertoire of authentic songs has swiftly emerged.

By the end of 2019 the first EP –Long Before You Truly Died Your Hair- was released (on all streaming platforms): a collection of indie rock songs with references to artists as The Tragically Hip, Nick Cave and dEUS. The release was succesfully celebrated with a live performance on the Zeester in Nijmegen.

This year, the Principals were about to perform their by now extensive repertoire of nearly 20 songs live on different stages, but the Corona crisis put a halt to the plans. During the last period, in which rehearsals were postponed, the Principals have been preparing recordings for a new release (to be planned). Moreover, circumstances resulted in a new semiaccoustic approach to performing live for a small audience. This turned out to be an inspiring ramble for the Principals.

Check the agenda on this site and social media for upcoming (semi-accoustic) gigs! Rock and roll never dies!

Rutger Verhoeven – Zang
Isaac Sandoval – Gitaar
Joris Bovy – Gitaar
Bastiaan Nijhof – Basgitaar
Joep Beerens – Drums